Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 3 : K.Kedah - Yan - Guar Chempedak - SP - Butterworth - Penang (Bayan Lepas)

Date : Thursday, 5th March 2009
Distance travelled : 122km
Time taken : 6.5 hours

We left Kuala Kedah about 9am and biked through the village road towards Yan. Weather was nice and cool and the road was great! Once in Yan, I told Mak that we should stop by my friend, Nadia's house just to pay her a visit as she will be getting married this Saturday! Since I couldn't attend her wedding, the least I could do was to send her my best regards! It was a surprised visit for her as she didn't know I was doing this bike tour ;o) It was great catching up and her family fed us with good food before moving on!!

Mak & Cheah...outside Cheah's house

Gunung Jerai behind me...if you can see it!!

Wow! so beautiful!!

Mak's special design for his bottles in front of his handlebars :o)

That's a really creative shot of me in the mirror, Mak!!

Nadia & me at her house....

We stopped by Gunung Jerai's park & snapped a photo & we were off to Sungai Petani! We had to stop by a bike shop, Sooi Hin in SP who sponsored us tubes & tools to snap a picture too! There, we met up with Ah Yoong who owned the bike shop as well as the famous Ramly SP! Chatted for awhile before heading off again towards Penang!

At the foothill of Gunung Jerai!!

In front of Kedai Basikal Sooi Hin...Ah Yoong, Mak, me and Ramly

We got into Butterworth about 5.30pm and took the ferry across to Penang ;o) We had to then cycle another 20km to my friend's house in Bayan Lepas! If I thought the traffic in Alor Star and SP was crazy, try biking in Penang during the rush hour!!!!!

On the ferry terminal...

"...and then we turned left..." Mak seemed to be saying to the uncle on the ferry :o)

Meet Andrew from Penang!!

Our tired but happy faces said it all!! Happy to have reached our destination at last!!

My friend Andrew took us to a yummy seafood restaurant called Hai Boey Restaurant near the end of the world. There I got to eat my favourite clam dish and I was happy again :o) It was a tiring day for us after riding for about 122km and the good food was just so rewarding!!

Ok....that's all for now! Boy, it's pretty hard cracking my head trying to write for 3 days! Will try to update daily if possible!! Our next 3 proposed destination will be Kuala Gula in Perak, Taiping & Ipoh......

Until then, cheers!

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