Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My First Talk For 2015! :)

Hi all,

I started the year with my first talk at Dignity For Children Foundation in KL recently. Well, I have to admit it was pretty nerve wrecking since my last talk was about 3 months ago at an international school in KL. 

I tend to get the butterflies in my stomach the first few minutes but once I have warmed up, my stories come out more naturally and I'm on a roll!.

Judging from the many questions the students had for me, the teachers said they (the students) seemed to have enjoyed my sharing....phew! The teachers themselves found it to be an eye opener and educational as well! Now that's pretty encouraging news for me!

But as always, I will still look back at my presentation and think of ways to improve it for the next talk. (must be the perfectionist in me!) 

Well, I do foresee more talks in the horizon and this will give me plenty of opportunities to practise, practise and practise until I get it to near perfecto! :)

Stay tuned!