Thursday, June 22, 2017

Introducing........Pedal With Sanz Excursions!!!

Hello there!!!

I know, I know....I have been "missing in action" for the almost 1.5 years! Thousand apologies for not updating my blog but no worries, for here I am now!

I'm very excited to announce that I will be offering short cycling excursions within Malaysia soon! It can be either a planned or a customised trip. ranging from half day to a few days  I will be happy to be your cycling guide but there are a few conditions to my excursions though.....

1) Bring your own bicycle and helmet. For Langkawi, you can choose to rent the bicycles.
2) Self supported tour ie you have to carry your own things during the tour (but only for short distances)
3) No of cyclists per trip : 2 to 6 persons
4) Location : Langkawi island (for now). Will extend over to the mainland in the near future. 
5) The cost will vary, depending on the length of the excursion.

Here are some places that you'll be able to see during my excursions.....

Lovely scenery of a fishing jetty

Green, green everywhere!!

Teak trees lining the road

Bathing buffaloes!

One of the many jetties

One happy dog!

Happy cyclists!!!

Piqued your interest? Do drop me a comment below or email me at to discuss further. You can also message me @pedalwithsanz on Facebook :)

Have a great day!!

Cheers :)