Saturday, July 11, 2015

We were LIVE on National TV!! :)

Hi there!!

A few days ago, I received a call from a TV host, Sayed who was interested to do a live interview with me about my book on national TV!! He told me it was going to be a 10 minute segment. Actually, he reminded me that he did ask me before about 2 years ago but the timing wasn't right then.....

Now, if I thought public speaking was nerve-wrecking, try being interviewed on LIVE TV! Triple the anxiety!! I tend to freeze up when the camera is shooting at me and to make matters worse....the interview was done in Bahasa Malaysia (BM), our national language which I am not so fluent in! Help!

So you can picture me trying to answer his questions in BM, mixed in with a good dose of English, while trying to stay as natural as I can be in front of the camera! It was the longest 10 minutes I have ever endured!

I didn't let anyone know about the upcoming interview because I knew I would be like a robot but alas, someone who knew me watched it and he was kind enough to send me a snapshot of the interview! But actually, that worked out fine.....just a snapshot will do for marketing purposes.

So I thought I got scot-free without having to watch my own interview and nobody else could either !! Yahoo! I was a happy camper for all but 5 minutes when I found out some of my friends managed to find it on youtube and were watching it! Yikes!!!

But wait a did they find out so fast??!!! I thought it was owned by the TV station??


So now that I know it's already out there, .do I want to watch it?? Err....not really! But I felt I had to because if I wanted to improve myself in front of a camera in future, I have to see what needs to be improved on. Just take a look at my host.....such a natural in front of the camera but then again, he had 18 years of experience!

So with a thumping heart, I searched for the segment online and found it and started watching.When I saw myself talking at the beginning of the interview, I cringed! I felt so embarrassed! I couldn't continue watching it....

Then I told myself to stop being such a drama queen and to step it up! So I forced myself to watch the whole segment again with critical eyes. Yes, I know I am my own worst critic!

Well, the more I watched, the more I realised it wasn't as bad as I thought it was because some parts, they did focus on my books and not on me! Phew!!

But still, there were some parts that still made me cringed inside!

Anyway, I am very thankful to have had this opportunity to be on air to promote my book. At least, now I can say that my book has been promoted nationwide!

Besides, how often do I get a chance to say that I have been on TV? (although it was only 10 minutes of fame!) hehehe..... is indeed full of unexpected surprises!!! :)