Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A week long of talks!!!

Hi there!!

Recently, I went to Penang to do a week long of talks to schools, both public and international schools. It was seriously tiring for me since I have not attempted such feat before and travelling to an unknown territory sure added to the stress!

But it was a good experience for me, an opportunity for me to practise and improve on my talks and also, to see the response from these schools. Well, I must say, out of the 6 schools I visited, only one school really stood out for me......Convent Light Street, Penang.

From my past experience, I now know that it is the principal or the teacher in charge who plays a big role in making my visit either a huge success or a mediocre response. For this school, it was their school counselor who made that impact, Ms. Shirley Capel.

Ms. Shirley is a cyclist and she was very enthusiastic about me coming over to do some sharing with her students. So excited was she that the whole school attended my talk! And I did receive a very warm welcome from the whole school, which was very heartwarming for me. 

These are the times when I really felt appreciated and that my time and effort to promote Malaysia and cycling didn't fall on deaf ears! 

They had everything ready for my talk....the laptop, projector and PA system. All in good working condition and we started on time, without any technical glitch in between! It was certainly a great pleasure sharing some of my tales with them and hopefully, this school will start a cycling club soon!

It would be awesome if my talk did help to encourage some of them to take up cycling and to venture out of their comfort zone eventually. Like what Ms. Shirley said, my sharing might have helped to plant the seeds in their mind and hopefully, it will slowly grow in the years to come!

Go forth and start pedalling, girls!

Ms. Shirley Capel, a shining example and me

See....I wasn't kidding when I said the whole school attended my talk!

 Future cyclists??

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