Thursday, August 2, 2012

A new cycling friend from Denmark :)

Hi all, 

Recently, I made a new Danish friend, Claus Andersen, who has put my book to good use! He was at one of the big bookstores, Kinokuniya, KLCC in KL a few weeks back to buy a Malaysian map for his cycling tour around Malaysia but instead, he found my book! He bought my book and promptly forgot about the Malaysian map! However, he did get a map when he was in Penang before the start of his tour. So with the help of my book and the map, I think he has managed to cycle the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia relatively easily and is now doing the east coast :)

Over the last weekend, I was in KL when I received a nice email from him about my book. I found out that he would be coming up to Kuantan in a few days' time too. I was on my way up to Langkawi the next day to settle some matters. Good thing I managed to settle my things within a day and hopped on the one and a half hour ferry ride to Alor Setar and onto another 10 hour bus ride back to Kuantan (where I reached at about 6am the next morning!) Bleary eyed, I needed my beauty sleep before arranging to meet up with him for lunch ;)

A very funny guy indeed and one who has toured about 40 countries already...a really seasoned traveller, I would say! We literally talked the whole afternoon away, mostly listening to his interesting travel stories! I introduced him some of our local savouries during tea time and then we did a short tour around Kuantan on our bicycles after that. 

Since he was looking for a Malaysian cycling jersey, and after making a few calls, I managed to get one for him....the Kuantan Mountain Bike Challenge 2011 jersey! A mountain biking event where I worked with the Pahang Police Contigent last year  It was hard work but glad to say that the event was a success with 640 participants. Phew! During the 4 month period, going in and out of the police HQ, I got nicknamed "Sergeant Sandra!"  Well, I would have preferred they called me "Inspector Sandra" but oh well....

We had to go over to Police HQ the next day for him to get one before he continued on his journey up north.......

Front view 

Back view

Anyway, I would like to say THANK YOU to Claus for writing a really nice review about my book on the Virtual Tourist website. The link is as below.

Hopefully, this will attract more cyclists from Denmark to come explore my beautiful country :)

And to Claus, great knowing you and HAPPY PEDALLING!! I'm sure you will have your own talk show one day!


Claus with his bicycle (and my book!) outside the Pahang Police HQ :)

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