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For the month of October 2012......

The Expat, October 2012

Hi there!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with the editor of The Expat magazine, Chad Merchant in August to discuss about my book. I was thrilled to hear that he agreed to do a write up for me in their October 2012 issue! A really nice and friendly guy who writes flawlessly! Thus, the post Editor !

The Expat magazine is a magazine specially written for all expatriates living in Malaysia, particularly those staying and working in Kuala Lumpur. It provides useful information about Malaysia and interesting topics about our Malaysian culture, sights and sounds

Recently, I browsed through their website and found more exciting information about them! Not only do they distribute to over 5,500 resident expats here for free but they are also on board Malaysia Airlines and Lufthansa, KLIA duty free shops and VIP lounges, luxury KL/Singapore coaches, expat associations, embassies and international schools nationwide, 4 & 5 stars hotel lounges and more than 300 selected restaurants, bars and retail outlets.....Wow. the list sounds impressive and endless! 

Well, having been in the market for the past 16 years, I'd say they are well established :) You can read more about them via the link below 

And here is the online version of the article under their sister company

So nice of Chad to include my overall route map in his write up as well :) Hopefully, it'll grab the attention of the readers to want to know more about the interesting story he has done for me for he has hit it right on the spot! 

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to Chad and his team at The Expat group!


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