Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thank you 2012 !! :)

My reminder to stay strong! :)

Hi all,

As the year draws to a close, I must say it certainly has been an interesting year for me. Lots of new learning experience for ....
  • Being an author! (I still have to pinch myself from time to time!)
  • Learnt the hard way to speak in public! (Not in a million years would I have thought that I would dare stand in front of a crowd and speak confidently!)
  • Got to be "nanny" for a few months to 8 utterly adorable golden retriever puppies! (one of the best times of my life!)
  • My very first encounter with snow when I was in New Zealand! (You got to remember that I come from the tropics, so seeing snow for the first time was very EXCITING for me!)
  • Braving the freezing New Zealand weather to do some cycling in winter! (Hey, it's New Zealand, the great outdoors!! It would be such a waste to stay cooped up in my room, even though my feet and hands were kind of frozen after each cycling trip!A million thanks to my good friends, Darren and Jane Gamble for their kind generosity during my stay there!)

My abode while in NZ....above Mountain Bike Station, Ohakune :)

Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand

Snow! Snow!

Winter wonderland!!

Mt. Ruapehu from afar.....

Bumpy ride alongside the railway line :)

Biking part of the Old Coach Road, Ohakune

Slippery frost on the rails!!!!!!!

More frost! :) 

My borrowed Avanti and the lovely view  :)

Weee......grassy downhill ahead !!

 Hello Mr. Carrot! Ohakune

Another year is ending, a new one is coming with promises of more interesting and exciting surprises in store for me (or at least, I would like to think so!) Like the saying goes "When one door closes, another one will certainly be opened!"

This also means that I am at least one year closer to achieving my goals! Yay!! Like the time when I was still in the dark about when my book was actually going to be published, it's the same scenario with the rest of my goals...I still have no idea when they will turn into reality....sigh!

But unlike then (when I was mostly drumming my fingers while waiting), I have decided to use this period of waiting to "sharpen my old tools and learn new tricks" that will be beneficial for me in the long run!

My journey so far has been a mixed of a roller coaster ride, up and down, going through mind boggling mazes, roadblocks, detours and the occasional smacking onto a brick wall, all done in slow motion! It feels like I'm taking part in The Great Amazing Race, except it's my own race and I have yet to spot the finish line! (Hmm, think I will call it "Sanz Greatest Amazing Discovery Race!" hehe). However, despite all this, I am really grateful for the amazing (no pun intended) opportunities and the wonderful people that keep popping up and showing me the right way at the right time and I hope it will continue to do so!

According to famous author and professional speaker, Jack Canfield, who wrote in his book "How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be", once you know where you want to go, life tends to unfold for you every 100 feet and keeps unfolding until you have reached the destination you truly want, because you want it.

Well, I can certainly see that it is slowly happening to sure seems to unfold for me every 100 feet and is still unfolding and hopefully (fingers and toes crossed), it'll eventually lead me to where I want to go! 

So for now, I will continue chugging away, like a slow "choo choo" train (unless it suddenly decides to change into a super fast bullet train!) heading towards its desired destination......and keep listening to my "stay positive-you can do it" type of music as well as re-reading (over and over again!) my dog-eared, falling apart "How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be", and continue to look at the funny side of life (even though, sometimes it can be hard!), stay active and be truly grateful for what I have now :)

So THANK YOU 2012 from the bottom of my heart! You have been an AWESOME year for me with lots of new learnings and improvements! Let me also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and supported me, one way or another. throughout this year. My heartfelt thanks to you all! :)

I look forward to 2013...and for those who have goals like me....hope the above signage will be an inspiration to keep on going :)

Happy new year, everyone!! May 2013 be a wonderful year for all of us! Woof! Woof!


  1. Hai Sandra:

    I bought ur book about 2 months ago and finished reading it for a few times as I used it as a guide for my cycling trip. Thank you for ur book/experience for giving me the courage to do my own cycling adventure.

  2. Hello there!!

    Very sorry but I don't know your name but thank you so much for writing in and for your support! I'm very happy to hear that my book has helped you in doing your own cycling adventures! Hope you will have more cycling adventures to come!!

    Thank you again :)