Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A timely gift from :)

Hi there,

Apologies for not updating my blog for awhile now....hmm, I don't know where the time went! hehe

Anyway, about one and a half weeks ago, I received a nice email from the good people of saying that they were looking for Malaysian cyclists who blogged and they wanted to give us a complimentary RM100 cash voucher to try out their online bicycle shop. In return, we will have to write about our shopping experience with them.

At the same time, I was looking for a new good bicycle pump. I went for a 108km ride recently down in KL and my back tire had to have a puncture at the last 1km!!! I had the extra tube but my old pump didn't work!! I had to push my bicycle for the last 1km....sigh! Time for me to get  a new bicycle pump and that was when I received this nice email from about amazing timing!! haha

As I browsed through their website (which was pretty interesting! Check it out at I was having a whale of a time, looking at the items being sold there! Man, if only I had loads of money!! haha but no, I have to be disciplined enough to look for what I needed....which was a good bicycle pump.

I needed some recommendation and an editor from a bicycle magazine suggested that I get the Topeak DXII which is hardy and handy. This is when I found out about the Prestas and Schraders heads!  I took his advice and checked out the price.....they were on specials and it was within the RM100 budget! Woohoo! Add together with the shipping, I only had to pay RM1.41!! Practically a gift! Not too bad for first time online shopping eh?

But since this was my first time doing online shopping (yes, I'm that backdated!), it sure took me awhile trying to familiarise myself with the ordering system. I felt like a klutz because I kept going back and forth with them, asking them questions on how to order online haha....luckily, KC, the guy who was liaising with me was very patient with me and guided me along.
Several attempts failed and I was getting a bit frustrated! The gift voucher code didn't work and I had to write back to KC to have him check it out. He came back and said that the voucher was void because because my payment was invalid! I then realised that my debit card had zero limits  Oops! He initially didn't believe me when I told him it was my first time shopping online until now!!! hehe....

He then gave me a new gift voucher code and I tried it again....and made sure that my debit card had some cash in it and voila, this time, it worked!! My purchase was successful!! Yay!!

Estimated delivery was about 6 days and they told me that my parcel would arrive on 31st July 2014...and I could track my shipment. Boy, I never knew how fun it can be, tracking my parcel and it sure did arrive right on the estimated date! Thank you KC and for this timely gift! Now that I have experienced online shopping, I will be sure to check out your site from time to time for some other exciting things that I might need in the near future!

Have pump will out world!! :)
 My brand new Topeak DXII :)

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