Thursday, November 6, 2014


Hi there!

A few weeks ago, I received an interesting message from one of my facebook friends, Gus Ghani. who is an active sportsman (and always seem to be so happy and smiling, judging from his facebook photos!).

He said that he would like to arrange something for me to help promote my books and cycling as a healthy community activity to the public at the same time.

He suggested that we join the last monthly car free day for the year in KL. It is an event where some of the major roads will be closed to vehicles so that the public can bring their bicycles and cycle freely for 2 hours. Based on the previous car free day events, this event seems to be well received by the public.

The plan is for me to do an informal Q&A session about my tour with the crowd after riding 2 loops around the closed roads.

I thought it was an awesome idea and Gus started an event page for this and titled it "Last KL Car Free Day Ride" and invited people to come for this event. He has been posting up little updates from time to time to keep the audience updated and he even started a simple contest for me! The winner will receive a complimentary copy of my book from me during the Q&A session.

And his latest initiative...a cool poster for the event! (graphics done by his good buddy, Akmal) I will be trying out a very special bicycle named ElliptiGO (courtesy of Gus, of course!). From the pictures on the poster, it looks like I will have to stand and cycle! should be FUN! :)

For someone who only knows about me via facebook, I think what he is doing for me is AMAZING!

Thank you so much Gus Ghani for all your help!!

For those who would like to know more about this event, you can check out the link below :

Hope to catch some of you at the KL Car Free Day on 7th Dec, 2014!!

Until my next update, happy pedalling! :)

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