Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hot From The Press....Bicycle United Magazine, Thailand (BUMA) Issue #3!!

Bicycle United Magazine, Issue #3 :)

Hi there!

I just received the soft copy of the interview session with BUMA and they have given me an amazing coverage for my book! As this magazine is in English and Thai, they managed to use up most of the photos I sent to them :)

For the full story, just visit their website http://bicyclesunited.com/  and download the soft copy of their #3 issue. For my story, it starts from page 76 to 82  :)

Thank you Kris and your team for a wonderful job!



  1. this is can give how to bicycle tips in malaysia and share all product bike...

    1. Hi there!

      Thank you for visiting my blog :) Hope you can help to spread the word around to your customers in Bali :)

      Thanks!! :)

  2. I happened to be in MPH and came across your book on 4th May. Started reading it on 6th May and I couldn't put it down till I finished just now at lunch. I felt like what you did after your journey, opps! no more 'updates' to look forward to. Once, in my early 20s I wanted to backpack around Malaysia in between jobs as I always felt there are places I must explore within my own country before looking outwards. But my boss refused to let me leave early and I lost the chance with the arrival of kids. Now, reading the book made me feel like doing it but at my age now, by car would be fine, don't think I can survive what both you and Mak did. Am quite wimpy! I told my husband we can use your book to have an idea where we want to go! Nicely written, good job. Regards to Mak as well for making the adventure very interesting.

  3. Hi Lily!

    A million thanks for your support and for your encouraging words! I'm really happy that you have enjoyed my stories and hopefully, will use my book as your guide to explore Malaysia with your family, be it on 4 wheels or 2 wheels!

    All the best in your upcoming adventure and wishing you an early Happy Mother's Day! :)

    Please do drop by my blog once in awhile for updates!

    Warm regards
    Sandra :)

  4. I really appreciate how organized you are. I hope to be more organized, too."