Sunday, April 14, 2013

We just turned ONE!! :)

Hi all,

My book has just turned 1 year old today and we are only just starting!!

It has been a pretty amazing one year so far, lots of learnings but also lots of FUN!  Like an infant needing to  learn how to crawl first before he can walk then run (and then soar!), I guess my book has to go through the same kind of path as well !!

Thank you to all those who have bought my book since it was published last April and those who wrote back some really nice comments to me! I do hope that my book will continue to entertain lots more readers, near and far, from all ages, from different walks of life and from different nationalities, in the coming years!

Do drop by my site once in awhile for updates!

Time for me to go eat some yummy cake!! :)

Cheerio !!

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