Sunday, December 1, 2013

My next book talk.....Penang Island! :)

Many thanks to 邱繼學 (Kaye) for coming up with the nice poster above for me! :)

Hi all,

I had a great time in Singapore recently! My heartfelt thanks to all who took their time off to come and listen to my stories :)  

And guess who came for my book talk....none other than Mr. Victor Chee, one of the kindest and most generous Singaporean I have ever known! 

In order to locate him, I had to ask a good friend, Matt Chia in Singapore to help me find his whereabouts so that I could send him an invitation to come for my book talk. 

Luckily, it was pretty easy to find him under the list of Esso stations in Singapore!. Matt made a call at the outlet near Woodlands (which was where Mak and I first met Mr. Victor) and found out that he has moved to another Esso petrol station in the north east side of Singapore.

Matt managed to speak to Mr. Victor himself and told him about my intentions.  I wrote to him (after he gave Matt his email address)  and he replied! He said that he still remembers me after almost 5 years ago!! He said he will try to make it but didn't confirm so I really wasn't sure that he would actually come.

So when Mr. Victor quietly came up to me after my talk, it was such a nice surprise!! Finally, I get to thank him personally for all his kindness and generosity shown to Mak and I in 2009! I gave him a signed copy of my book as a token of my appreciation and hopefully, he will enjoy reading my stories :)

Ladies and gentlemen, the ever cheerful Mr. Victor Chee!! 

Me, signing his copy :)

So for my next book talk, it will be in Penang! Details are as follow :

Date : Sunday, 8th Dec, 2013
Venue : Popular Bookfest 2013, Straits Quay Convention Centre, Penang
Time : 6pm.

Look forward to sharing my stories to all you folks up north!

See you all then!



  1. Dear, Sandra I read the news about your book on the internet. It sounds fantastic. I' d cycled the peninsula myself in 2008 and I will doing it again in about two weeks. My girlfriend and I are now in Thailand and we will enter the country via Langkawi. Do you now if there is a shop over there where I can purchase your book. It would be really nice.
    I used your blog because I could not find your contact-info.


    best regards


    1. Hi Mattijis!

      Many thanks for your comments and for visiting my blog :)

      You can get a copy of my book from Seng Chye Trading, a bicycle shop in Kuah town,Langkawi. Please contact him at 6012-4747842.

      You can also write to me at if you have any other questions!

      Thank you so much for your support and hope you will enjoy cycling in Malaysia again :)