Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A nice ending to a good year!! :)

Hi there!

WOW! Is it the end of 2013 already?? I really felt like this year went past pretty quickly!! It must be because I'm slowly gaining momentum towards my goals!! Yay!!

As I reflect back on the things that I have learnt in 2013, it has been tremendous! Ok, there were some of the not-so-good experiences which taught me to be much wiser in the future haha....

Some of my highlights of 2013 were :
  • I learnt a lot about making video presentations with still photos! Gosh, the number of hours/days spent on editing my videos must equal at least 3 month's work!
  • I'm getting better at public speaking! (Don't need to read from a piece of paper anymore...haha) As proof, during my last book talk for this year in Penang, the emcee commented how much I have improved since the 'big fumble" back in 2012 at KL Convention Centre. I had to remind him that it was only a year ago when I was a "greenhorn" and he was surprised because he felt like it was ages ago!! hehe....even though I'm happy with my progress, I know I have lots more to improve on and it will come with practise, practise, practise!
  • Did book talks at two international schools and enthralling the students with my stories! (or at least, I'd like to think so!) It was so refreshing to see these kids aged between 10 -14 years having so many questions to ask me! Really loved their enthusiasm and zest for life! Such a joy to be with them! Hopefully, I will get to do more book talks at other international schools in 2014!
  • I actually won my first road bike....a Polygon road bike!! (but I decided to present it to my brother as the bike wasn't my size on the condition that he cannot sell it off!) and also a Thule All Round Trip Bike Case (which I'm keeping at the moment!)....pretty cool prizes for a day playing in the sun and rain!
  • Met other foreign and local tourers who stayed at my landlord's homestay while in Kuantan and exchanged stories. After discussing with them, I realise I know what kind of tourer I want to be! Yup, there are many people with different touring styles :)

but the most memorable time for me would be the time I met Mr. Victor Chee in Singapore after almost 5 years and being able to give him a copy of my book to say thank you for all his kindness he had shown back in 2009 :) It was a great experience and I will definitely mention him in my next book!

And I had a nice surprise ending for this year! I did a phone interview yesterday with Capital FM, a radio station in Kuala Lumpur and they decided to air the interview on the last day of 2013 for an hour! Yay!!

But of course, there would be a glitch somewhere.....(not about the interview but with me!)

When I was getting ready to listen online this morning, (since the station is only for the folks in the Klang Valley), my newer laptop suddenly decided to create some problems just before 8am and it wouldn't allow me to listen!! Arrghh!!

The more I tried to solve the problem, the worst it got! After fiddling with it for almost half an hour, I decided to try with my older laptop and guess what? It worked perfectly! So in the end, I kind of caught the end bits of my interview...sigh! 

Yup, the story of my life so far ::) 

So until then.....here's to saying a BIG THANK YOU to 2013 for all your lessons, amazing opportunities and guidance and I'm looking forward to a GREAT ADVENTURE in 2014!!

Happy new year everyone!! May 2014 be filled with loads of laughter, happiness, abundance, good health, great friendships, thankfulness, peace and love for all of us!! :)


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