Saturday, February 8, 2014

Great start for 2014!

Hi all,

Hope you guys are having a great 2014 so far!

Well, for me, it's been pretty good! We got a surprise request to be interviewed by a radio station in KL recently along with 2 other cycling enthusiasts in conjunction with their topic of the week....cycling in the big city!

Pretty interesting listening to the other 2 cyclists as well!

Here's the podcast :

Then 2 days ago,  I had the pleasure of playing "tour guide" to a touring couple from the "Land of Giants" hehe.....Mattijs and May from the Netherlands! Great to show them some parts of Kuantan that were interesting and they loved trying out all the different types of food here! Good on them :)

Why "Land of Giants"? you might ask....well, Mattijs is about 6 feet 5 inches! (1.9m). He said that he was only average! Most of his friends are like 7 feet tall!! (2.1m) Wow!!

Needless to say, I was like a dwarf standing next to him! .I'm only 5 feet nothing! (1.52m). Have nicknamed him "Giant Mattijs!" hehe... 
Well, May is equally incredible too! Such a warm and friendly person and not forgetting STRONG!! :) They practically zigzagged across Malaysia and crossing the mountain ranges! So you can imagine how strong they really are :)

They are now at the tail end of their 5 month tour around South East Asia and Malaysia is their last country to visit before heading back to the Netherlands. Actually, Mattijs have cycled most of the countries in the world in 2008! He was on the road for about a he's one experienced world tourer!

You can follow their adventure via

It was a great opportunity to share different experiences and exchange stories with each other! Wishing them happy pedalling and memorable adventures to take home with them!

Awesome couple! "Giant" Mattijs and lovely May!

Santos touring bikes.....


  1. Hi miss!

    can i contact u using your personal email? just a few questions regarding touring across peninsular

  2. Hi Syafiq,

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) Sure, you can email me at Will try to help you out!