Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The day after....Warning - post tour blues!!

Date : April 9th, 2009
Location : Langkawi island

Hi all!

Let me remind you that if you should ever decide to do a tour like we did, just be prepared for the post blues after!!

After spending 37 days straight on the road and suddenly, it is over is NO FUN!! For a while, I was left feeling a bit bereft and I didn't know what to do! !

Anyway, it did take me awhile to come back to earth and start living again hehehe....and my last post wasn't the happy ending that I would like to have and so before I forget my manners, I would like to do my "Academy Award" speech and say A BIG THANK YOU to ....

All our sponsors mainly Blue Water Sailing, Lim Thye Kiang Transport, Lufter, Powerbar, 99 Island Tours, Uphold Talent, Eko Megah, Sooi Hin bike shop, Seng Chye Trading, 99bikes Langkawi and Corezone who have supported us in one way or another in our bike tour!! We really appreciate your support throughout our tour and will never forget your generosity!

Friends and family who made us feel at home during our tour namely Tat, Cheah, Andrew, Ms. Yap & family, James & Jenny, Kok & Sylvia, Madzli and Razani! Thank you for everything!!!

The awesome and friendly people we met along the way! It just goes to show that there are still many great people out there who would be willing to open up their hearts and make us feel welcomed!!

The readers of my blog who have been giving me words of encouragement to continue writing until I finish it! Thank you for your support!!

And I am happy to leave you with this quote which is so true! "A journey of a thousand miles must begin with one step!"



  1. I'm gonna miss your update after this as I always feels like I were there together with you in the journey. It does feels like cruising together even it was just in front of my notebook monitor actually. Congrats!!!....happy to hear that you complete this journey safely. Syabasss!!!

  2. Looking forward to your China trip then!

  3. Thanks Joleen!!

    Well, my next adventure for now is doing the Xterra race in Kuantan next month :o) I have managed to rope in 2 other crazy racers to be on my relay team!! I'll be doing the trail running this time and let my friend, Marty do the mountain biking part while Amanda does the swimming :o) It should be fun!!!

  4. Great story... thanks for making the trip and inspiring everyone!

  5. Hi cousin, I got to know your story got published from my mom :) Congrats to you for making the bold move & what an adventure!

    Tsu Lin

  6. Hey hey!!

    So nice to hear from you :o)Hope England's treating you great!!

    Many thanks for your wishes! Who knows, I might just come by and do a tour around Europe one of these days hehehe....

    Take care and keep in touch!!


  7. Hai sanz,
    thanks for the interesting writeouts and not forgetting the memorable photos, it was great what Mak and you did and wish the both of you have more great adventures together.