Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our bike story in The Star Weekender, 23rd May 2009

Hi all!
Just want to let you know that our bike tour story was published in the Star Weekender dated 23rd May, 2009 :o)


Happy reading :)


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  2. Hi Mak & Sanz,

    I've read yuor story touring Malaysia in the Star last Saturday. What a onderful journey....
    I hope one day i'll be one of your team member.

    Hi Mak,

    Nice to meet you in SP yesterday...
    I was really impressed with your story...
    Hope you can share yuor story and preparation for the next touring...

  3. Hi Khairi!

    Thanks for your great comments :o) Yeah,I'm sure Mak would be more than happy to bring you along in his next touring!!


  4. man..i've just spent a good 1.5 hours reading all ur adventures and as an avid cyclist as well, must i say, u guys were great and inspiring!!

    never agreed more on ur comment saying how our people don realize that there is so much beauty in our own backyard!

    I have now put "Pedalling Malaysia" as one new entry into the "Things To Do Before I Die List" and when it happens, hopefully next yr, i will have you guys to thank for this.

    Cheers, take care and ride safe!!

  5. Wow! 1.5 hours??? Thank you for taking the time to read and also your great comments :o)

    Awesome now that you've put Pedalling Malaysia as one of your goals!! I wish you all the best and believe me, you won't be the same person again!!

    Please keep us posted!!

    Cheers & happy riding!!

  6. Hi Mak & Sanz,

    I stumbled upon your "Backyard Explorations" article in The Star paper dated 23rd May 2009.

    It was a great article! I was blown away with your biking adventure with Mark around Malaysia. The sitting and leaning Buddha really amazes me. I really wanna explore these places!!!

    I like the way you penned your article. It was honest, interesting and fun from the first up to the last paragraph. I LOVE the part about discovering the hidden Buddha's Statue.

    I'm no cyclist. The last time I ride a bicycle was few weeks ago exploring Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya.

    I have to agree with you that there are plenty of amazing places in Malaysia.

    Thank you for sharing your pain and joy during the entire trip.

    Best Wishes,

  7. Hi Mylo,

    Many thanks for the wonderful comments! I am truly amazed at how our story managed to touch some people's lives :o)

    Yes, Malaysia is a beautiful place to discover and hopefully, more Malaysians will be doing the "cuti cuti Malaysia" more often!!

    Warm regards

  8. Wow, such awesome and spirited adventure. You sure can put a lot of healthy and macho males out there to shame. Wish that I could live out my dreams too, one day.

    Anyway congrats my friend and keep up the iron spirit


  9. One of these days, I hope to traverse the whole of north and south islands of New Zealand be it cycling or in a campervan with my whole chain gang including you. That'll be cool right? Imagine, a fat woman cycling and maybe halfway see her struggling by the roadside. What a beautiful scene that'll be.

    We shall wait for that day shall we not.


  10. great adventure. i must do this one day

  11. Hi Mak & Sanz,
    Read yr article of 23 May. We intend to go to Tg Piai this 6 June with our kids. Need yr advice where to stay n good food. And how to get the certificate to show we were at Tg Piai. Admire yr adventurous spirit. Keep it up and tell us more of interesting places in Malaysia. Tks.


  12. Wahh,,

    Both of you vely famous la now, Wa la weii!!!

  13. Guys,

    Next time pls invite me & Ira.
    If she jump, i'll jump.


  14. Hi Angie!

    thanks for your wishes!

    Awesome that you are bringing your kids to Tg. Piai!

    You can email me at and I can help you out with the details!


  15. Hey Scalpel!

    Oh now i know who you are lah :o) How's Ira? Well, will let u know when is our next adventure!!


  16. Thanks for introducing a part of Malaysia to me that I've never seen nor known. Thank you for living my dream. I will certainly fulfill it one day. kc{FROM jb}

  17. hey sanz

    read yr feature in the star. very interesting indeed. actually our country sure is so beautiful, and there's so much more to explore!

    hopefully i can do a tour in malaysia - esp on its many many islands! :)

  18. Thanks QuaChee!

    I see you are a publisher? I was wondering if I can talk to you about publishing a book???


  19. hi sanz & mak,
    if wong say it take him 1.5 hours to read all ur blog, well i must admit that i have been glued to read ur blog for more than 3 hours
    such a journey and yes i admit this is one of my dream as well.
    thanks for the inspiring story and i hope i also can achieve the same success as you guys-although i am not a bikers myself.
    I am planning a family trip to all district in malaysia starting this year frm johor-well its a long target project and yes,by car.I hope you can help me along the way...
    It would be great if you can start off another journey and i will be glad to assist in any way that i can, well at least i saw that you havent been to some of the road ? Klang Banting Klanang Sungai Pelek perhaps?
    Till then hope to hear and read from you guys again

  20. ..hi Sandra, how r u now in Kuantan now? I m just browsing my blog suddenly found SANDRA in my friend list..actually long time ago i follow u until foggoten ready..just now i add as ur i understand yours ready..ok laa have a nice touring SANDRA ,,regard to MAK also..bye TOKI Manjung..

  21. Hi Toki!

    Yeah, i didn't even realised that you were one my followers hahaha...

    Thanks for your comments and hope to meet you in person in one of the jamborees!!

    Cheers :o)

  22. What next? Any plan of another overseas cycling tour?