Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 10 : Petaling Jaya - rest day!!

Date : March 12th, 2009
Distance travelled : 0km
Time taken : o hours

It was time for us to have a well deserved rest day after our "adventure" last night! Besides, we didn't have any rest days every since Penang!

It was a nice day for us.....we did laundry and after that, we took our bikes to Bike Pro in Taman Megah for servicing and then we went off exploring KL :o) I brought Mak to Mid Valley and just chilled out there, since PJ was my hometown :o). It was nice not being on the bike for now...hehehe

While at Bike Pro, we asked Boon Foo of for directions to Port Dickson as we totally had no clue how we were going there! He was kind enough to draw us a map....

Met up with my friend Melody, who organises races for tea and we were about to take our bikes back from being serviced when it started to pour! She offered to take us back to the house together with our bikes. Thank God her car had roof racks :o) Thanks Mel!

I had a new addition to my bike....a kickstand! After having to bear the "nagging" from Mak all the way from Padang Besar to KL, we managed to find a kickstand for my bike! Well, I have to admit he was was much more easier with a kickstand :o) Oh did I mention that I had a bell and a mirror sponsored by Gary of CCI in Penang? Thanks Gary! Those things were really handy throughout the tour!! (besides, it helped that Mak stopped "reminding" me about getting them in the first place!!) Actually, he was really sweet....he really cared for my wellbeing :o)

That night, Ms Yap and Ham (her husband) took us for a delightful steamboat somewhere in Puchong. They ordered so much food that we couldn't finish! Think they wanted to load us up before our journey the next day!! Thank you both for a wonderful time in PJ and for putting up with us for two nights!

Mak showing off his three toned coloured tan :o)

Any clue where this is, all you KL'lites?

Something that caught Mak's roving eyes....

Ms. Yap and her family....we were having yummy steamboat for dinner :o)

This was only the beginning!

Looked like jelly fish but it didn't taste like one!

My, what big and beautiful eyes you have, mei mei!!

Next destination.....Port Dickson, here we come!!

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