Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 28 : Kg.Merang - Penarik - Kg.Raja - K.Besut

Date : March 30th, 2009
Distance travelled : 78 km
Time taken : 4 hours

Good morning and yes! we survived the night before without much hassle :o)

We had a really good buffet breakfast this morning! It had a wide variety of choices from local to western dishes. It was a nice change :o) Since we were already busting our budget on this resort, we decided to make full use of this place before leaving for Kuala Besut :o)

We took another dip again in the sea but it proved to be too rough for us! After a few attempts, I gave up trying to swim and headed for the pool while Mak was still trying to fight the waves! Just as I was about to step onto the the shore, I turned around to see where Mak was and guess what I saw? A sea snake writhing in the waves just a few metres away!! By then, Mak was already out of the water and he tried to warn me about the sea snake when I saw it! Boy, that was a close call! What was with all these interesting creatures that have been following us around!! First, a centipede and now, a sea snake?? Geez!!

Mak decided then that he wasn't going into the water again hehehe....we jumped into the pool instead and continued swimming there :o) At about 11am, we reluctantly got out of the water to start getting ready for our next destination. We were having such a good time there that we would have loved to stay another night there but.....guessed it was time to move on!

the sea view from our room the next morning....

After saying our goodbyes to this lovely place, we had lunch at a budget chalet nearby. We met Jerome last night at the food stall during our dinner and he invited us to come over to try his cooking as he was the chef for this budget resort called Kembara Resort.

We had curry squid rice for lunch and it was pretty good :o) Mak ended up buying two seashell necklaces that he fancied earlier from Jerome :o) We paid for our lunch and thanked Jerome for cooking for us and off we went!

Along the way to Kuala Besut, the scenery was lovely as we were cycling along the coast :o) The day was getting really hot and so we decided to take a rest and have some food at a stall nearby the beach. My partner in crime was feeling hungry as lunch wasn't enough for him! Boy, he did have a huge appetite for a small framed guy like him!!

Sea pineapples...apparently you can't eat them like normal pineapples as they will make you go to the toilet!!

Picture postcard #1....

picture postcard #2 & .....

picture postcard #3! (Ok, ok...actually, I ran out of ideas on what to write as their captions hehehe)

Of course, we had to have one photo for our beloved bikes :o)...

...and mine too!! (Noticed my white & blue armsocks? There were Mak' black ones got lost somewhere along the way to Kerteh!)

Wow! a pretty cool shadow picture of me...

and his too :o)

We reached Kuala Besut in the evening and went looking for a cheap hotel. We didn't want to go into town, so we went exploring around the beach side area and finally came to a resort that actually ran goverment teambuilding programs. They did have rooms and so we managed to get one that was pretty alright. The only thing is that there wasn't much stalls around that area so we had to just have our dinner at a nearby stall before retiring for the night :o)

Tomorrow....our 4th corner, Kota Bharu!!

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