Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 12 : Port Dickson - PD town

Date : March 14th, 2009
Distance travelled : 10km
Time taken : 30 minutes

Well, what can I say but we ended up staying one more night in PD instead of heading down to Malacca as planned :o)

It started like this.....

True enough, at 3am in the morning, it started to get windy and I woke up to drops of rain on our roof tent! Being so used to staying in a tent from my previous job as an outdoor trainer, I got up and collected all our clothes that were drying outside. I knew the rain would come but just didn't know how heavy it would be. I woke Mak up and told him that it was raining. Poor guy was still still in dreamland :o) Soon, it got heavier and water started dripping from the roof and pretty soon, water was coming into our tent hehehe...

We had to move our panniers around and tried to wipe out the water from the roof as much as we could. It wasn't that bad that we couldn't sleep but it did break our chain of sleep! Eventually, we got back to sleeping again and before we knew it, it was morning already! The very first words that came out from Mak's mouth were "THANK GOD I'M STILL ALIVE!" about a city boy and how dramatic he could be!!!! Wait until he faces real storm and strong winds hehehe.....

We got up and decided to go for breakfast first before doing anything else. It was nice to just chill and not rush into anything. We knew we had to dry our stuff and the tent when we got back.

The many choices we had for breakfast!

After breakfast, we walked back and started sorting out our things and dried whatever was wet. It was a pretty relaxed day for us :o) When we were about to finish packing, a group of people came over the beach and they looked like they were going to do some shooting. Curious about what they were up to, I asked them and they told me that they were doing a program about raising awareness for clean beaches in Malaysia. This topic was close to my heart too as I really wanted to promote and educate the public about just trying to keep Malaysia clean!

In fact, we do have an NGO called Kampung Hijau - Friends of Langkawi, back in Langkawi, trying to do beach clean ups and raising awareness to the public. This NGO was the brainchild of one of my main sponsor, Blue Water Sailing. Eva, who runs boat cruises over in Langkawi, is a dynamic German lady who really believes in keeping the environment clean and she wants to do her bit for Langkawi.

As we got on to talking, I met the producer and she said she wanted to interview me for the program! When the program is aired, they will have the kids doing the interviewing instead.

Well, it was pretty weird being interviewed and with the cameras shooting! Didn't think I'll ever become an actress hehehe...They wanted to rope Mak in as well but he declined! In the end, they made us ride through the camping grounds and act as though the beach was really filthy!! Hey, we were actor and actress for a few minutes!! Anyway, they said that they will inform us when the program will be aired over RTM. Oh well, I'm not too fussed about it :o) Ah, never a dull moment in our trip eh??

Me, being interviewed for the program...

Ok, now lights, camera & action!!

By the time we finally got out of the camping grounds, it was lunch time! We had to go into town to fix my shoes...yup, now it was my turn! Well, it took so long to get them repaired until Mak, who was waiting for me downstairs at the bus station , got really worried! He thought I was kidnapped or something! He was ready to leave our bikes unattended and come looking for me! Luckily, I was just coming down when he decided to do that hehehe.....well, what did I tell you? He was like my knight in shining armour and me, the carefree princess??? hahaha.....

It was about 4pm when we were finally ready to set off to Malacca but the sky didn't looked too good! Dark clouds were forming and in the end, we decided it was better for us to stay one more night in PD town and head off early tomorrow to Malacca, which was about 80 over km away.
Well, for this time, we stayed in a cheap hotel to get some real rest!! :o) What a day it has been!

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