Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 14 :Malacca - Telok Mas - Merlimau - Parit Bunga - Muar

Date : March 16th, 2009
Distance travelled : 53 km
Time taken : 3 hours

We discussed the night before that we will stay in Muar for one night instead of Batu Pahat. That made it much easier for us as we only had about 50plus km to go and we would have some time to spend visiting the historical sites in Malacca :o)

And yes, I had my wish to eat some nyonya food in the end! We went to a nyonya restaurant in Melaka Raya named Nyonya Makko Restaurant. Mak was telling me that the first chinese character of the restaurant name was the same as his surname....hmm, funny how we went to a restaurant that sounded like his name!

We ordered fried belacan chicken, pucuk paku vegetables and fried egg with cincaluk. Cincaluk is a local delicacy made from tiny pink shrimps preserved in brine (salt & water) solution. Well, the food was good and I was a happy camper!

The nyonya restaurant named after my partner in crime??

The delicious spread of (clockwise) pucuk paku, fried cincaluk egg and fried belacan chicken!

After lunch, we decided to do the tourist thing and went back to the Stadhuy's building (the famous red coloured building) and the A'famosa fortress to take some pictures.

The famous A'famosa building behind us.....

and the church...

and the clock tower....

... and the ship muzeum called "Samudera"

Fancy a ride on this colourful trishaw, anyone??

The traffic was getting a bit too heavy for our piece of mind and we were happy to be away after snapping some photos! As we headed out of Malacca, the traffic eased off and it was nice to ride again on the road :o)

A traditional kampung house along the way..

The Muar river!!

Dark clouds looming ahead!

Hmm...I shall not comment on this picture hehehe...

Welcome to Muar town!!

We reached Muar town about 4.30pm and it looked like it was going to pour! We hurriedly went looking for a hotel and found a pretty decent one that was within our budget :o) By then, the rain seemed to have passed us by!

Since we arrived early, we had the chance to go and try out the local deserts by the road stall like the boiled peanut drink and green bean drink. According to my cycling encyclopedia, he said that the boiled peanut drink was really good for the skin! If taken regularly, your skin will be as smooth as a baby's bottom wonder his face was so smooth!! Now I know........:o)

Muar is also famous for its "otak-otak" (literally means brains!) but it's not! Some call it fish or prawn mousse :o) It is actually made of either fish or prawn meat mixed with dried chili, garlic, salt etc..It is then wrapped in banana leaves and put to grill. Yummy!! Alas, my photographer didn't manage to get a picture of it this round but you can google it if interested to know more :o)

Tomorrow....the long, long ride to Pontian Kecil!!

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