Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 25 : Kuantan - Cherating - Kemaman - Kijal - Kerteh

Date : March 27th, 2009
Distance travelled : 100 km
Time taken : 5.20 hours

Well, this morning it rained! We thought of starting earlier but because of the rain, we had to delay our ride. It was all good anyway. Kok took us for a yummy breakfast before we headed out. Thanks Kok for being such a great host to us two!!

Kok & Mak outside Kok's apartment

Ok....one for the road :o)

The day began to grow hot after the morning rain and we had about 100km to go! Another long day of riding :o)

We started heading for Cherating. It has been a very long time since I went to Cherating and it has changed! They have actually given it a facelift it so much so that I don't recognise it anymore!

Which is it....Cherating or Cerating??

Had to have one picture by the beach eh??

Cherating beach....

After Cherating, we stopped by a turtle sanctuary, much to Mak's delight :o) We had a nice time watching the differenct species of turtles swimming in the pool and the baby turtles being kept in another pool. Apparently, there was a Chinese family who's sponsoring 30 baby turtles at RM30 each. Wow! guess more could be done to educate the public about turtle conservation :o)

The pattern on this turtle's back is beautiful!

Feeding time!

Cute lil' ones swimming around....

This sign was outside the turtle sanctuary

We stopped for a late lunch after the turtle sanctuary and we weren't sure where we could stop for the night. We passed by Kijal and thought to check out Awana Kijal but boy, the prices were too steep for us so we had to move on to the next destination. My plan was to try to camp by the beach side in Kemasek but once we reached there, there wasn't a nice place for us to camp and so we headed on and tried our luck in Kerteh.

Cool! We are in Terengganu state now :o)

Awana Kijal

It was late when we reached Kerteh and decided to have dinner first before continuing. We found out from the shop owner that there were two places to stay in Kerteh. Yay! The first hotel wasn't too great so we tried the other one, Kerteh Lodge which proved to be much better! We were lucky as they only had one room left!!

That night, we chilled out at the one and only McD's there and it was pretty fun before heading to bed :o)

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