Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 9 : K.Selangor - Sg.Buloh - Petaling Jaya

Date : March 11th, 2009
Distance travelled : 73 km
Time taken : 3.50 hours

Ahh...another day of touring! Mak found out that his shoes were opening up and he had to send to the cobbler for repair. Luckily, today we didn't have to go very far.... just 70 plus km :o)

Hey ma, look? A crocodile mouth shoe!!

Mak looking a bit dejected after finding out that his favourite pair of shoes were opening up...

Along the way, we came across this beautiful Indian temple that was being constructed. I'm sure it will be magnificent once finished. There must be a huge Indian community living in Kuala Selangor area.

A beautiful Indian temple under construction...

Oh well, even though we didn't get to see the fireflies, the signboard will do for now and no, we are not in Kuantan yet :o)

The day started out fine with the sun slowly warming up our backs. Initially, we planned to cycle along the coastal road towards Klang but decided otherwise as we had to go into Petaling Jaya where we will be staying with my friend, Ms. Yap and her family for two nights. So we opted for the inner road towards Sg. Buloh and then, Petaling Jaya.

We didn't have much problems following the direction to Sg. Buloh. The sun had begun to blast its fully glory on us by the time we took a breather at this very special petrol station. It had an electrical shop next to it! Throughout our tour, we have stopped at many countless petrol stations but none were like this! Hmm, maybe I might need a blender for my tour :o)

Hi sir/ma'am, would you like to buy a fridge together with your petrol?? :o)

Scenic but rolling hills along the way to Sg. Buloh

A "lone" rider with no cares in the world!! hehehe

Hot & dry along the way!

At last, we got into the crazy town of Sg. Buloh and nearly got knocked over by a public bus! Geez!

Lunch time! We stopped by a chinese restaurant and we created a bit of a stir among the food vendors as they were looking at our bikes. They must be wondering why are these crazy two clowns travelling by bike when they can use cars!

Naturally, they assumed that we were foreigners and not Malaysians. It was really funny to know that everywhere we went, nobody ever guessed we were Malaysians! We were either Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese!! Hmm, maybe it's a sign for us to change our identity?? hehehe

The weather changed just as we were about to get on our bikes. Big huge drops of rain started to rain down on us! We decided to get some shelter at a nearby building and waited for the rain to stop. It never did and finally, I told Mak that we have to get going as it was getting late and so with our rainjackets on, we hit the road.

Mak asked for directions for the shortest way to Petaling Jaya and the guy gave us the Sg. Buloh-Kepong highway, which turned out to be a very challenging road for us to go!!! Because of the heavy rain, the road was flooded and we had to wait for the water to slowly subside. Well, being on our bikes, that wasn't a problem. The problem was that we couldn't move because everywhere was stuck with cars, buses and lorries! But once the water subsided, you should see how fast the cars were going! One thing's for sure, drivers in KL just don't give two hoots about cyclists! It was way TOO DANGEROUS for us to continue and we had to stop by a petrol station to wait it out.

We waited for almost 3 hours for the traffic to subside but it didn't! This really tested our perseverance and patience. We were wet, cold and hungry but we were happy to say that we managed to sit this through :o) The hot "mee in my mug" helped!!

In the end, we decided to brave the roads again around 7pm. I think we would never forget our adventure coming into Petaling Jaya! It was with a sigh of relief when we finally reached my friend's house in ss5 around 8.30pm, phew!!

View of Damansara Damai in between Sg. Buloh & Kepong...

to be continued.....

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