Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 15 :Muar - Parit Jawa - Semerah - Kg.Bagan - Batu Pahat - Senggarang - Rengit - Senglang - Pontian Kecil

Date : March 17th, 2009
Distance travelled : 130km
Time taken : 6.50 hours

Today would be a pretty long ride for us...a total of 130km! This would be the longest distance travelled since we started and the roads were not flat either hehehe....

Yes, it was a pretty tough day for us....lots of gradual hill climbing and the weather was hot and sunny again! We did stop several times for breaks, just to rest and cool down before continuing on.

When we finally reached Pontian Kecil, it was already in the evening. We saw this nice hotel by the sea and tried our luck but the price was too high for us. They then recommended us another hotel called the Travel Hotel just nearby and it was actually pretty nice :o) I think this was one of the better hotels that we have stayed in!

I found Pontian Kecil to be pretty quaint! It's got a pretty nice coast line which was built on reclaimed land and it was peaceful :o) That night, we didn't have to go very far for dinner. There were a few Chinese restaurants near our hotel which was just by the sea and the food was enjoyable! Ahh, what a good way to relax after a long day's ride :o)

Next stop...our second corner, the southern most tip of Asia, Tg Piai!

Here we go again!!

Leaving Batu Pahat...

Ahh....the Pontian Kecil sign :o)

The winding road ahead....

"Have a look at the must have been there for so long until the creepers have intertwined with it"(this was the reason for Mak's fascination with the dragon :o))

More hills to climb!

A lovely Chinese temple on top a hill....

Wild ferns growing on this tree

Can you see the sign that says "Penghujung Benua Asia" (Tip of Asia!)?

Coming into Pontian Kecil

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