Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 23 : K.Rompin - Nenasi - Pekan - Kuantan

Date : March 25th, 2009
Distance travelled : 134 km
Time taken : 6.50 hours

Today was another day of a long long ride! We agreed last night to start early for this journey but as usual, that never happened :o)

I woke up at 6am and went outside our room to have a look around. Wow, it was so peaceful and cooling because we were actually by the Rompin river. I went back to the room to get the camera to capture some sunrise photos. Our friend was still in dreamland! So much for starting early eh??

Kuala Rompin at dawn....beautiful!

The sun just peeping out...

Fishing boats docked by the jetty

Mak and his new buddy!

So this is what it looks like in the daytime!

When Mak finally woke up around 7am, he did the same out, came back to the room and took the camera and went to take some more shots while I was busy getting ready. He was still in his pjs by the time I got dressed, happily chatting away with some guys down by the jetty!

Did I tell you that he loves deep sea fishing? Boy, the amount of knowledge he had on fishes and other marine life was amazing!! This place was like a second home to him! He kept telling me afterwards that he will definitely come back with his fishing buddies! See my dear boy, there was a reason why we stumbled upon this treasure, eh?? :o)

The people there were very friendly and one of the caretaker offered to buy us breakfast with his motorcycle since it was a hassle going out and coming back again. That worked out fine with us :o)

By the time we got ready to go, there were a few cars coming and people came out with their fishing gears for a day of fun in the sea while we have a long way to go on the road!!

Oh did I mention that today's route was all flat? Despite my grumblings about rolling hills, I think I would prefer them to flats :o) The rolling hills provided more variety and I could play momentum while on the flats, I couldn't!

"On the road again".....there was a song about this, right?

Yes boss, I hear you...I'll try to balance my bike while taking this picture!!

Hmm, I didn't know Pekan was a royalty town....

Some lovely views along the way..

Mak and his multipurpose towel! You'd be amazed at what the towel can do :o)

Can you see the swallow houses ahead? There were so many of these throughout our tour! Bird's nest business must be booming!!

Nice drawing :o)

Along the way, we passed by this huge prawn farm on our right. It was HUGE! Once again, my cycling encyclopedia filled me in on how to rear prawns and all the do's and don'ts. Did you know that if a pair of crabs came into the pond, they would multiply within a week and feed on the prawns? By two weeks, it would no longer be a prawn pond but a crab pond!! Apparently, crabs are known as the silent killers!! Woo0....

I told Mak that that could be good for business too...they now can sell big fat crabs instead of prawns! He told me that it will take about 3kg of crab in order to have the same price for 1kg of prawns and besides, crabs have claws and they can escape from the pond!! Well, I learnt something new today :o)

This was the huge prawn farm we passed along the way to Kuantan

The day was really getting hot and it really tested our endurance! The road seemed never ending and we were getting hungry but there wasn't any stalls along the road! We had to do a pit stop along the seaside area to take a breather! Whew! I couldn't believe it was so hot!

As we were about to leave, we saw two tourers on the other side of the road. We flagged them down, just to have a chat with them. It was a German couple, fully loaded with front and back panniers. The first words they uttered to Mak were "Ni hao!" Hehehe...they must have thought we were from China!

We found out that they have been touring for the past 9 months and had another 4 more months to go! They travelled from Hong Kong right down to Malaysia! Amazing eh? And us? Oh we just did about 24 days of touring and around Malaysia! Oh well, we all have to start somewhere right?? :o)

After saying our goodbyes, we went on our separate ways and continued our journey up north. We finally found a small stall and decided to stop for a late lunch and much needed rest! We couldn't believe how hot it was! I think this was the hottest ever!!

Mak and the German couple who have been touring for the past 9 months already and have 4 more months to go!

After lunch, we trudged on knowing that we still had a lot of kms to cover. We were only halfway through! We passed by Pekan, which was also a royalty town. It was an interesting little town because all the shops were facing the Pahang river and that was it!

The wide Pahang river

The new highway that was being constructed towards Kuantan from Pekan was pretty nice to ride on but there were some parts where lorries would come flying past us, without a care in the world! Crazy!! Reminded me when we were heading to KL....

By the time we reached Kuantan, it was already at night about 8pm. We were putting up with my friend, Kok and he was really amazed at what we were doing! It was great catching up with him as I haven't seen him for ages!

That night, Kok took us to have some lovely Chinese food and he promised to take us to more places the next day as we decided to stay another day in Kuantan. Mmmm....time to enjoy good food and rest!!

Coming into Kuantan town at last!

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