Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 11 : Petaling Jaya - Putra Jaya - Dengkil - Salak - Sepang - Lukut - Port Dickson

Date : March 13th, 2009
Distance travelled : 97 km
Time taken : 5.30 hours

Wow! Can't believe it's been 11 days since we started our journey :o) After having spent two days in PJ, we thought we'll make a change for once and start really early, like 7am so that we can reach Port Dickson by lunch time and chill......or so we thought!

We woke up at 6am and got ready only to hear the thunder rumbling outside the house! much for wanting to start early!! In the end, we left the house at 9am and it was still drizzling! It looked like it was going to be like this the whole day!!

After saying our goodbyes, we left ss5 and headed towards the Motorola bridge and then towards Puchong, using the LDP. We were following Boon Foo's direction but somehow along the way, the road signs got a bit confusing and we ended up heading for Dengkil in another route!

Wow, my bike looks pretty cool with the new kickstand :o)

...and of course, his too!

The rain stopped and it began to get drier the further we went. Half way through, my dear partner in crime said he needed time out as he was feeling too cold because of the rain earlier hehehe....remember I told you he doesn't like cycling in the rain!! So we stopped somewhere along the highway and took five :o)

Mak, taking time to dry out while telling me that he'll carry the bikes across to the motor should hear how he was "telling" me hahaha

While we were resting, I noticed there was the motorcycle lane that wasn't being used and I told Mak why don't we just use the motorcycle lane instead of riding on the highway which was pretty dangerous to me. He reluctantly agreed and after a 10 minutes break, we headed off towards Dengkil, using the motor lane instead.

Man, that was an adventure in itself because we later realised that the lanes were pretty abandoned and that the motorcyclists didn't use them. It was pretty eerie when we had to pass through a few underground tunnels.

Later on, Mak had a nice time "reminding" me how dangerous it was to go through the lonely underground tunnels and blah blah blah hehehe...I told him it was fun that we went for a bit of exploring! He snorted at the word and said " Yeah right, explororing indeed!!" After a while, we abandoned the idea and headed back for the highway, which we felt was the lesser of two evils hehehe....

Ok now....which way huh??

We soon realised that there was going to be rolling hills as we headed towards Port Dickson. Now, I have to tell you that I am no expert in playing momentum on rolling hills but I guess I have to start somewhere if I wanted to be good at it! What better time than now....I can practise all the rolling hills I want with my panniers!!

Whereas on the other hand, Mak is an expert on playing momentum with the rolling hills and I can see him flying past me, attacking the first hill and then pushing on! I often yelled out and asked "How do you do that?" but to deaf ears! Oh well, I learned how to do it eventually and I'm happy to announce that now I know how to play momentum!!

I think we are supposed to follow Sepang....

Man, the long, long road ahead!

Wow, an atomic plant!

Nilai or Seremban??

I promised to take some photos of him during the tour...

Darn, just when I thought PD was only about 20km away!!

Despite the complaints, it was a pretty nice road :o)

My beautiful Scott Contessa with those awesome panniers!

Upon reaching Port Dickson town, there was another 4km to the beach area. I remembered Mak giving me a wide smile when we biked through the town. I asked him why was he smiling this time, he said that this was his first time in Port Dickson and he was really looking forward to seeing how it was :o) He really does love beaches! It was really nice to see how happy he was! As for me, it has been ages since I last came to PD and I couldn't recognise this place anymore! So much changes but it looked good!

We went around searching for accommodation but found that the hotels were a bit pricey for us and so we decided to camp!! Yay! After carrying the tent from Langkawi, it would be great to test out the tent!!

We set camp at this public beach area and there were two other families camping there. That eased Mak's worries because he didn't want to camp if there weren't any other groups camping. Said it wasn't too safe! We made friends with one of the families and this guy was telling us that he has been travelling all around Malaysia for the past 3 months with his wife and 5 kids, just using public transport! Amazing eh?

After showering in the public toilet, we went looking for dinner. We asked our neighbour if he could helped us look after our stuff while we were away and he said " No worries!" Ah, the nice people we meet along the way!!

Well, the tent was a pretty nice change from the hotel rooms that we have been staying! The cooling breeze from the sea was nice. We took a stroll by the beach for awhile before heading for bed and that was nice :o)

Now, if only the weather would stay dry for the night for I'm not too sure about how waterproof our tent was!!! Apparently, it rained the night before at 3am with strong winds. Hmm...there's only one way to find out!!

Ahh...our comfy home for the night :o)

The fishing boats docked by the beach..

the beach besides our camping ground...taken in the evening

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