Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 7 : Kuala Kangsar - Manong - Parit - Bota Kanan - Teluk Intan

Date : March 9th, 2009
Distance travelled : 118km
Time taken : 5.5 hours

The next day, we woke up to a cool and cloudy morning! God must have read my mind and decided to give me a break for today!! hehehe...

After breakfast, we left Kuala Kangsar about 8.20am and we were supposed to meet up with Madzli in Manong, some 25km away around 9am.

On our way out to Manong, we passed by this lovely golf course on our right with beautiful trees and it was so green everywhere! Too bad our dear friend didn't stop to take a snap of this beautiful golf course! Never mind that as the scenery along the way was really beautiful!

the view along the way to Manong

We only managed to meet up with Madzli around 9.30am....half an hour late! Oops!! We apologised for our lateness but he was cool with it :o) What a guy!! He was a really strong rider and he was pulling us at 25/26km per hour some time! We had to ask to him to slow down a bit as we do have our "ahem" panniers to bring along too!!

Madzli....Manong's Ironman??

See Madzli, we have our panniers to bring along hehehe...but thank you for thanking our least, there's proof that we were cycling!!

He told us that there would be about 3 hills to climb before hitting flat roads and the road looked like this.....

Waah....let's play downhill!!

Stunning view of the mountains in the background

Ok...take 5 time after climbing the first hill!

M&M's...:o) more for the road!

If you look closely, you can see that this tree is unique in a's got purplish leaves!

Half finished bridge....

Just look at the heavy clouds looming around the top of the hills....

Hey guys....look here!

We crossed over the Perak river and headed for Parit town. There we took a break and had a drink at the stalls nearby. It had been a pretty scenic ride for us so far...the rain hasn't poured on us yet.....:o)

The bridge crossing the Perak river on the way to Parit

Parit town...the clock tower doesn't work, by the way! is so laid back in this little town :o) Something that we all need to do sometimes!

Well, it started to rain after we left Parit town and we had to make another pit stop along the way. Why? You guessed right....all for dear old Mak's sake!! hehehe. We reached Bota Kanan nearing noon time and decided to stop for lunch. Madzli told us that after lunch, he'll bring us to the "tuntung" sanctuary if it was opened. That got us both curious...what was a tuntung"?

We cycled to the sanctuary and woohoo! it was opened :o) When we came upon the sign below, we then understood what a "tuntung" was! You should have seen how Mak's face changed when he realised what it was! It was like giving a candy to a child! He was grinning from ear to ear!!!

A "tuntung" is actually a river terrapin!

the pool where they rear the tuntung

Can you see the elusive river terrapin?

At the tuntung sanctuary in Bota Kanan

When we got out of the sanctuary, I asked Mak why was he so happy to see the river terrapins and he told me that he loves river terrapins, tortoises & turtles! Watching them swim in the pond makes him happy as a lark :o) So now I know.....

We thanked Madzli for being our guide and bid him farewell at Bota Kanan and we were on our own again!

After riding for almost 1.5 hours, we came across a pottery shop and made a pit stop there. My partner in crime really loves handicrafts and this place was like a sanctuary for him! He was busy snapping away with my camera!

We went behind the shop to watch the staff make pottery. There were various type of moulds to make the different patterns. It was pretty interesting as I have never seen the real thing before :o)

Mak and I were having a brief debate on how the ceramic vases were formed from the did they do it? Well, we found out that the moulds come in 2 parts. Put them together and pour in the mud until it feels up the whole mould. After 20 minutes, the leftover mud is being poured out and left the ones that have been set already on the wall of the mould. Then, it is left to set for a longer period of time before breaking the 2 moulds up and voila! you have a vase!

Moulds for making the ceramic pots

Cleaning up the ceramic vase

Beauty and the Beast...
(Mak tried his hand on moulding one and it turned out like the one on the right! hehehe)

Staff cleaning the vases before drying them

Little ceramic vases waiting to be painted...

Ceramic pots anyone?

Well, after that little tour, we were off again on our bikes and headed towards Teluk Intan. We reached the town around 5 pm. It had been a good day....lots of great sceneries and interesting things to see! After checking into a hotel, we rested and then went off hunting for dinner! Another day's ride has been accomplished :o)

Darn...another 28km to go!!

Finally, signs of Teluk Intan!!

I really don't know what is this but think I'll be making Mak happy by posting this picture! It was taken outside our hotel in Teluk Intan :o)

Right...our next destination.....the fireflies of Kuala Selangor!!

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