Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 24 : Kuantan - rest day!

Date : March 26th, 2009
Distance travelled : 0 km
Time taken : 0 hours

Today, we planned to send our bikes for service and to exchange our front tires with the back ones in a bike shop and just look around town.

My friend, Kok and his business partner, Sylvia took us for a curry laksa brunch and it was good! After which, he brought us over to his office to show us what he was doing. He was dealing with frozen meats from Australia and New Zealand. His cold storage compartment was huge! I'm glad to see that he's doing well :o)

Kok and me in front of his office....he's got a nice car too...the Hilux :o)

After the short tour, he dropped us back at his house and we took our bikes out and went looking for a bike shop. We went to a few but the one that we wanted was JBS Bike. This bike shop was spanned over 3 shoplots! There must be a lot of bikers around in Kuantan :o)

Since the owner, Lim wasn't there yet, we left our bikes and went exploring for a bit. At about 4pm, Kok called us and said that they were going to take us for tea! Yay! Food again!!

Wow, the place we went to for tea was amazing! You should see the vast variety of food being displayed and it was only tea time! According to Kok, tea time in Kuantan was very popular and heavy! Looking at the spread and the amount of people eating, we could see that was true! And dinner time was 9pm onwards!

We truly enjoyed trying out different types of food. We said that without a local bringing us, we would never have had the opportunity to try! Thanks Kok and Sylvia!

Look at the different types of food for tea!
On the left is sata which tasted a bit like otak-otak

Deep fried fish and the curry fish for the nasi dagang below...

Nasi dagang

Different type of's called laksam which was much creamier

Delicious fried battered prawns!

After the heavy tea, Kok sent us back to the bike shop to collect our bikes. We finally got to meet up with the owner, Lim and since he could only speak mandarin, it was Mak who was chatting with him while he changed our tires and tuned our bikes. When we wanted to pay, he wouldn't accept, saying that since we have travelled so far, it was the least he could do! (or at least that was what I understood in my limited mandarin!!) That was really nice of him :o)

In front of his shop, Lim and me...

nice looking bikes lined up inside one of his shops..

a "Korean recruit" in front of the state mosque :o)

For dinner that night, Kok brought us to Teluk Cempedak, the famous beach front in Kuantan for some western food. We ate at his customer's place who served his meats and yup, it was yummy!!

At Teluk Cempedak, we were impressed at how well maintained this place was. I can say it was probably one of the best maintained public beaches around!! Clean and nice! A lovely place to just chill and enjoy the night sea breeze :o)

Tomorrow.....Kemasik or Kerteh??

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  1. Totally in awe with your cycle adventures and love reading every bit of it.
    Doing the Kuantan Century Ride this March and I really want to try out these tea-time snacks you had in this post. Can you remember the name of the shop ?