Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 31 : Kota Bharu (yup, still here!!)

Date : April 2nd, 2009
Distance travelled : 0 km
Time taken : 0 hours

We planned that since we were going to have a pretty long journey today to Jeli, we were going to start around 7am because we still wanted to visit the sleeping & sitting buddha along our way. Yes, we actually got ready by 7.30am! Wow, that was an achievement for us hehehe!

As we were about to get on our bikes, it started to rain!!!! We realised that every time we wanted to start early, it RAINED!! Aarrgghh! I think God must have wanted us to start late each time for our tour!! So we waited and waited and waited but the rain didn't stop!! I told Mak if by 10am, the rain kept continuing, we might as well stay another day here!! By then, I was already getting sleepy and lethargic :o) It was actually such a nice day to sleep in!! hehehe.....

So in the end, we decided that we will stay another night here! We checked in again, went for breakfast and slept!! We woke up around 4pm and were hungry! Mak said he saw a rojak stall nearby and we went looking for it then :o) The fruit rojak was yummy and we found out about one interesting fruit called "buah katak puru" (literally meaning toad fruit!) When eaten, it tasted sourish but nice, similar like young mangoes :o) Goes well with the spicy shrimp paste!

Everyone...this is called buah katak puru! (toad fruit, in direct translation!) Think you can understand why it was named that!

After that, we decided to cycle around the town and to look for bicycle shops just to while our time away. In one shop, we found that someone was really creative in recycling bicycle parts and making an item out of them.....have a look below...

how cool is this??? Amazing!

That night, Mak hoped and prayed that the next day would be a beautiful day for us to start riding to Jeli! Well, let's keep our fingers crossed!! :o)

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