Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 20 : Desaru - Bandar Penawar - Desaru

Date : March 22nd, 2009
Distance travelled : 10 km
Time taken : 30 minutes

Yup, you guessed right :o) We decided to stay one more night here after the long ride yesterday! Sometimes, it was just nice to chill and relax when we are at a nice place :o) Besides, it gave us the opportunity to do laundry and dry our shoes!!

After the buffet breakfast at the resort, we took our bikes down and cycled to Bandar Penawar nearby. Mak's shoes were coming off again and we were in search for a cobbler there. After cycling around the small town for awhile, we found out that they didn't have any cobblers! So what was the next best thing to do? Just get some strong glue and sandpaper and be your own cobbler for the day!!

the road to Bandar Penawar

Heading towards Desaru...

Looks so green and cooling :o)

We went looking for a bike shop as well as Mak wanted to patch his front tire where the tiny pieces of glass were. We found the one and only bike shop and it was opened. It was a Sunday, you see, and lots of shops were closed.

After patching his tire with some sticky tape, he told me to pump up my tires as well. We over pumped my back tire and before I know it, piiissss.....the sound of the inner tube leaking! Darn! Oh well, it was a good thing that we were in a bike shop when it happened!

Once our bikes were settled, we packed our lunch and went around taking some photos before heading back to our resort. Back in the resort, Mak was kind enough to clean both our bikes as well as oil our chains :o)

The big shell at Bandar Penawar

After waiting for him to finish, we went to the beach and had our lunch there. Later, he brought his shoes over and began to repair them while I wrote down about our tour. It was really peaceful...both of us doing our own things but yet in harmony :o) In the end, he told me he knew how to repair shoes effectively and I told him he can open a cobbler stall when he got back to Sungai Petani!!

Mak, so intent on fixing his shoe!!

The resort that we stayed in :o)

That evening, we went for a swim by the sea (it's a must, having come so far!!) and he collected some shells for his home. I was glad that we took a break from riding and just had a great time relaxing :o)

Tomorrow...the tough ride to Mersing!!

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