Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 8 :Teluk Intan - Sabak Bernam - Sekinchan - Tg.Karang - K.Selangor

Date : March 10th, 2009
Distance travelled : 106km
Time taken : 5.30 hours

The next morning, we took our bikes down from our room and cycled to the town, looking for breakfast but got a bit lost hahaha! Well, we eventually found some food stalls around and got to chowing down some food!

We decided that we'll go visit the famous leaning tower of Teluk Intan while on our way out. We went there, took some snaps and left! It was the case of been there, done that syndrome! :o)

The famous leaning tower of Teluk Intan!

Ahh, finally I get to hold the camera! Back view of Mak riding :o)

Dang! he got me too!!

Sigh....another signboard telling us how far we still have to go!!!!

Somewhere along the way, we came across empty stalls advertising "MENTARANG" Initially, I thought it was some kind of fruit that we never heard of but when we finally stopped at one stall that was selling it, it had nothing to do with fruits! Duh!

Mentarang comes from the shell family except that it's much larger than your normal mussels. We asked the guy how to cook this and he said, normally they just boil it and eat! You can also stir fry them with dark sauce and chili. Hmm, we learn something new everyday!!

We noticed that the first few stalls we passed by were selling at RM7 per kg but as we head further down, the price came down to RM4 per kg! Tip for those who are keen to try them....just drive down a bit further and you'll get a better bargain!!

Big signages about MENTARANG...

So this is MENTARANG!

A close up view of a MENTARANG

As the day wore one, the road was pretty flat but it got busy with lorries carrying seafood towards the evening. At one point, we came across about 6 large prawns on the road! Mak, Mr. Observant, asked me later whether I saw those big prawns...I answered I saw one squashed one by the road! He told me there were 6 large prawns and they must have dropped off by a lorry carrying loads of prawns! He said, man...if only he stopped and picked them up and had them for dinner !!! Think our poor boy must have been hungry!!

Is this Kuala Selangor already? Nah...wishful thinking! Still had far more to go!!

When we finally reached the town of Kuala Selangor, it was already dark and by then, we didn't have too much fun riding with the heavy vehicles beside us. We found out that if we wanted to watch the fireflies, it was another 12km out of town! We decided, nah...we are not going to be bothered. It was way too troublesome. It was a pity though because Mak wanted to watch the fireflies but he said, it was alright. He could always come another day....

Kuala Selangor was supposed to be famous for its seafood but sadly, the one we had in town didn't live up to my expectations. Guess the popular ones were out of town. Oh well, it didn't matter as I only wanted food in my tummy and a nice shower! Well, as for my partner in crime, he seemed to have fared pretty well and was in a jovial mood although he did agree that riding into Kuala Selangor had been a bit of a nightmare with the heavy vehicles. That's what I enjoy about biking with him! He never seemed to be fazed about anything! Amazing!!

After dinner, we biked to our hotel which was nearby, showered and what else....zzzzz!! :O)

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