Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 34 : Gerik

Date : April 5th, 2009
Distance travelled : 0 km
Time taken : 0 hours

Wow, it was great to have such a good sleep last night! After the punishment our bodies went through yesterday, they really deserved a good rest :o)

We woke up around 10am and went looking for breakfast. Today, we had a whole load of clothes to wash as it had been accumulating since a few days back! Mak said that we should have just sent our clothes to the laundry but too late as we already soaked them last night! We also needed to clean our bikes as it rained last night and the chains needed to be cleaned from the sand and dirt. So, I guessed it was cleaning day for us today!!

After breakfast, I started washing our clothes and our dear friend decided to "rest" for awhile while waiting for me to finish. Our deal was that I wash the clothes and he would hang them up at the rooftop of the hotel, which was five floors up! In the end, after washing all the clothes, I found our friend sleeping like a baby!! I didn't have the heart to wake him up so I went up to hang the clothes myself....

View of from the rooftop of our hotel :o)

Part of Gerik town from the rooftop...

When Mak woke up next, it was already 3pm!! Hmm....so who was the one that was more tired in the end?? :o) He woke up, looking lost because our room was really dark and you couldn't tell whether it was night or day!! When I told him it was already 3pm, he had a shock that he slept for so long since 12noon! As usual, he started feeling hungry again and we decided to go look for tea since we already skipped lunch.

We walked down the street and found this stall selling all the fried stuff like "cucur udang", curry puffs, doughnuts etc.. We bought some and went to a mamak stall nearby to eat. Boy, the food was delicious!! It was so good that I went back to buy the "cucur udang" for the second time :o) I have never tasted such good "cucur udang"!! Yummy!!

We went exploring the small town and soon came back to our hotel. Mak planned to clean the bikes but we were told that there was no electricity in the whole town of Gerik! So we kind of hung outside the hotel to wait for the electricity to come back. There had been disruption throughout the day! Good thing that it rained earlier and made the day cool and nice. Not too good news for our clothes though! But not to worry, they'll dry in the air condition room, ie if the electricity came back in time!!

It was about 6pm when we saw a foreign couple riding in with their colourful front and back panniers! They were using the same panniers as us! Ortlieb :o) They stopped opposite our hotel and Mak asked me to go and talk to them and let them know that our hotel was cool! So I went over and introduced myself to them. Found out that they were from Australia and Canada. Jo was Australian and Nick was from Canada. They too just came in from Jeli and they said it was a tough ride for them too!!

After chatting for awhile, we made plans to meet for dinner and to exchange our stories :o) It was a nice change, being able to share our stories with another counterpart! That night, we took them for a Chinese meal at a nearby restaurant and just exchanged stories. We had such a great time, introducing the local dishes to them and they really enjoyed the food! They said that without us, they wouldn't know what to order etc! We were their tour guide for the night hehehe

We found out that they started from Singapore and toured from the east coast just like us :o) Their next destination was to Penang and we told them that we were heading for Betong in Thailand next and invited them to join us if they were keen since it was along the way to Penang. They said yes, they would love to join us!

So after a few hours of chatting, we made plans for tomorrow and headed off for bed. We were told that our room's air condition had a problem and they gave us another room to stay for the night. The second room was much nicer :o)

Tomorrow....Betong, Mak's second home??

Meet our new touring friends from Canada and Australia, Nick and Jo!!

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