Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 13 : Port Dickson - Sg.Linggi - Pengkalan Balak - Tg.Kling - Malacca

Date : March 15th, 2009
Distance travelled : 94 km
Time taken : 5 hours, we will definitely make it to Malacca but alas, just as we were about to leave our room, Mak discovered he had a flat again on his front tire! This was the second time he had a flatty! The first time was in PJ, when we finally reached Ms. Yap's house and his front tire became flat after awhile. How convenient it was that both times he had a flat, it was when we were not riding! Hmm....:o)

Since this was the second time he was facing the same problem, he suspected that there must be tiny pieces of glass or something sharp that must be slowly puncturing his tube. After changing the inner tube, we decided to go to the bike shop nearby to see have it checked out. Since it was a Sunday, we didn't know whether it would be opened but we figured there wasn't any harm trying.

Good thing it was opened and the bike shop owner did find the culprit! Tiny pieces of glass being stuck on the tire and that was causing the leakage! Once that was solved, we were ready to hit the road! It was beginning to be hot and sunny and we knew we were in for a very hot ride today!!

This was what happened when Mak tried to take a picture while riding :o)

After riding for about 1.30 hours, we found a rest stop by the Linggi river. It was also coming up to lunch time and was getting really hot for cycling. We normally take a break during the hottest time of the day...between 12.30 noon till 2.30pm.

We rested and I ordered a very tempting "ais kacang" with ice cream! Mmm....that went down really quickly! Of course, I had to share it with someone who initially didn't want any! Mak cleaned our chains and also took this opportunity to dry his damp clothes in the hot sun :o)

View by the Sg. Linggi rest stop area...

Ahh...just what I was looking for!!

View overlooking Sg. Linggi from the top of the bridge

and more of it.....

We started riding again about 3pm and followed the coastal road towards Pengkalan Balak. The scenery along the road was really quite beautiful and that helped to keep me occupied during the ride :o)

Nice scene nearby Pengkalan Balak

Great shot, Mak!

Beach side at Pengkalan Balak

Hmm...ever noticed how he likes to pose for the camera hehehe...

Coconut trees everywhere!

More of the scenic routes...

Something unique....a gula melaka house??

When we got into Malacca town, we weren't sure where to stay and it took us quite awhile to look for a suitable place! This was what happened when you didn't do any research beforehand but then again, we never did for the past towns hehehe....

Finally, after finding one suitable hotel, we lugged our bikes up the room, showered and went looking for dinner. By the way, did I mention that throughout the tour, Mak was the one that has been carrying our bikes up to our rooms! Such a gentleman hehehe....

We asked the receptionist where we could get food and she gave us some choices. We ended up walking to a food court to have our dinner! I was actually looking forward to having some nyonya food since we were in Malacca...oh well, maybe lunch tomorrow :o)

After dinner, we took a stroll down Jonker Street and looked at handicrafts and souvenir gifts. There was a two man band playing at one of the open bar and we stood there listening to the performer. We also walked along the river bank watching the river cruise passing by. It was nice, just chilling and stretching our legs after a hard day's ride :o)

Tomorrow, we plan to do the tourist thingy before moving down to Muar!!

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