Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 26 :Kerteh - Paka - Dungun - Rantau Abang - Cendering - K.Terengganu

Date : March 28th, 2009
Distance travelled : 114 km
Time taken : 6 hours

Morning! It was another day of a long and hot ride for us :o)

We started out about 9am (late as usual!) but thank goodness the road was flat!! So flat that it was pretty nice to ride for the first few hours :o)

When we reached Paka, we were really amazed at the huge infrastructure of the Petronas oil refinery! We were totally blown away at how BIG this place was!!Whew! Amazing what oil can do to a place!!

As we were riding further up north, we noticed there were signboards warning travellers not to take any photograph along the way so we stopped taking! A pity though as there were a lot of nice ones we could have captured :o)

Petronas' "pot of gold!"

Balls of fire!!

Pipelines everywhere!!

Told you the road was flat :o)

We passed by this school with beautiful sceneries! Lucky students!!

Man! Another 75km more to go????

After Paka, we headed towards Rantau Abang and the scenery along the route changed. We got to see the sea again on our right side :o) We did manage to capture some nice shots along the way. We just couldn't resist it!! Too lovely to pass up :o)

Ah....makes you want to stop and put up a hammock and sleep, eh??

Poor bike....he looked so lonely...

...but hey! guess who just came along! :o)

Proof once again that I did cycle!!....:o)

We passed by Marang which was about 17km away from Kuala Terengganu and in my humble opinion, although they do have a beautiful sea view, it was marred by small resort owners who were building small chalets along the beach haphazardly. Hopefully, something could be done about this if tourists were to stop by this little town.

We finally reached Kuala Terengganu close to 6.30pm but a heavy thunderstorm was coming in! We had to seek shelter at a bus stop and waited for the heavy rain to pass. It lasted about almost an hour and by then, we were hungry, cold and eager to get to a hotel!

We managed to find one hotel near the town area and quickly showered after lugging our bikes to the room. It was also Earth Hour we did our part by switching off our lights and air condition before leaving the room :o) As we walked towards the restaurant nearby, I was happy to see that KFC and Pizza Hut switched off their signboard lights for Earth Hour! Told Mak about it but he didn't believe me until we came back after 9.30pm and saw that the signboard lights were on again :o)

Next...a pleasant surprise awaits us!!

Beautiful looking mosque :o)

Fancy a giant squid, anyone?

River mouth of Sg. Marang

Guess the long ride is getting to you too eh?? :o)

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