Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 27 : K.Terengganu - Batu Rakit - Kg.Merang

Date : March 29th, 2009
Distance travelled : 40 km!
Time taken : 2.30 hours!

Today, we started really late as we decided that we would do a short ride to Merang, which was famous for its beaches :o) After having our lunch near the waterfront, we started riding in the hot sun! That was the price to pay when cycling right smack in the noon time!

We crossed the Sg. Terengganu bridge and took some photos of the famous Crystal Mosque and Convention Centre. It did look spectacular from afar :o) By the way, I just found out that my friend was the one that was in charged of constructing this project a few years back! Apparently, it will look even more spectacular at night. Sigh...we will miss that!

At the Sg. Terengganu bridge...

long bridge eh??

the famous Crytal Mosque and convention centre!

"Make sure you have the mosque behind me!"

After riding for about an hour, we came across this huge field which was called "Terengganu International Endurance Park". Pretty impressive! From the signboards that we have been passing, they had a pretty big horse race sometime November last year. It must have been a huge success :o) We had to stop to take some interesting photos of this place!

Just in case a "Trojan Horse" might come by ??

"You must be strong for your masters, my young iron steeds!" so said the Wise One

As we were entering Merang, we saw this tempting sign that said "Sutra Beach Resort" and decided have a look :o) We fell in love with this place the moment we laid our eyes on it!! It was a beautiful resort, overlooking the sea.

Mak and I were trying to make a guess at how much it would be and I said probably about RM200 onwards. He said we should just ask and see and what do you know? They were having their low season prices at only RM138 nett plus breakfast until end of March, after which it would be RM250 onwards!

We decided, heck...why not? After all, who knew when we were going to pass this way again :o) Initially, they told us that they only had garden view rooms but luck was with us when later, they found out they had one more sea front room. Yippee!! God must be smiling on us today :o) Mak said "This is what I call a real hotel!" My dear boy, don't I know it too?? :o)

We didn't waste much time checking into our lovely room, changed and dashed for the sea! It was such a pleasure just swimming and playing with the surfs!! It was a good change from cycling!!

For dinner, we biked out to the nearest stall and had a simple meal and headed back to our resort. We wanted to spend more time there. When we got back, we had a little "surprise" on the we turned over the bedcovers, there was a huge centipede crawling underneath!! Yikes!! We quickly dropped the covers and called the housekeeping people to deal with it. They came and stripped the bed down but yet, we couldn't find the elusive centipede!!

According to them, the wood flooring attracted the centipedes...hmm. Of all the hotels that we have stayed in, this was the best of them all but we had no strange creatures visiting our rooms except for this one! Strange but true :o)

We decided not to make too much fuss about it and thanked the housekeeping for their help. We just hoped that our little friend wouldn't come crawling onto the bed during the night......

the road to paradise!!

ahh...what utter bliss!!

the pool view from our sea front room :o)

our iron steeds at rest :o)

Sir, how would you like your coffee??

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