Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 19 :Kota Tinggi - Air Tawar -Kg.Sungai Rengit - Desaru

Date : March 21st, 2009
Distance travelled : 122 km
Time taken : 6.30 hours

Today was another long day for us :o) We had about 122 km to go because we intended to reach our 3rd corner in Sg. Rengit today and then head to Desaru! My partner in crime has never been there , so he was pretty excited to see what Desaru was like :o) Told you he loves beaches!!

The clock tower in the morning
(Ok, today was Mak's day...all the photos will be on him :o))

Well, if we thought that yesterday's rolling hills were bad, we were in for a surprise today! All I could say was that I had a lot of opportunity practising my momentum!! As we cycled towards Sg. Rengit, we saw a lot of tourist buses passing us by and we wondered why? What was in Sg. Rengit that brought so many tourists there? People tell me that it was famous for its seafood but it couldn't be that good, right?

Aww....Desaru is so near yet so far!! (because we had to go to Sg. Rengit first!)

Well, when we finally reached Sg, Rengit, we were feeling happy because we have reached our 3rd corner! It was coming close to 3pm and we haven't had our lunch yet. I was actually looking forward to having some seafood but guess the restaurant we went didn't do seafood during lunch time....oh well!

While we were resting, we met these two nice gentlemen from KL. They were having their lunch when we came into the restaurant. They asked us where did we come from etc..and we told them. One of them, Mr. Virinder asked whether we had any sponsors and I told him we had some small sponsors but we were mainly on our own :o) We chatted for awhile and then they left us alone to have our lunch.

Yay, our 3rd corner coming up!! (Oops...there's me :o))

Later on, we asked Mr. Virinder whether he knew why so many tourist buses came here and he said it was probably because of the seafood and lobster! Hmm....guess he must be right because right opposite the restaurant, there was this giant lobster with the sign saying "Sg. Rengit" below :o)

Careful Mak, the big lobster might jump down and eat you!!!

After they have settled their bill and were about to leave, the restaurant lady came over and told us that the nice gentleman had already paid for our lunch too! We were really surprised and thanked him for his kind gesture! He told us that it was just a small sponsor and that he would consider giving us a bigger sponsor next time! He gave me his card and found out that he was a marketing director for a travel company in KL. Thank you so much, Mr. Virinder Singh of Sudee CPL Travel Services! It was really wonderful to meet so many nice people along the way!!

After our lunch, we were about to start riding to Desaru when the heavy downpour started! Oh well, guess we have to stay on for awhile longer! Mak then made this unforgettable remark "I think our panniers are only waterproofed on the front part and not on the side!!"

That comment took me by surprise! " What did you mean by waterproof on the front part and not on the side?" I asked and he told me it was because the front part looked shining and waterproof where else the side didn't!! Hahaha....I couldn't believe my ears when he said that!! I'm sorry I'm being mean but really?? I told him to check his panniers after the rain and to tell me whether his things were still dry after that :o)

Obviously from his sheepish smile, the answer was yes, his things were still dry!!! Hahaha....that sure made my day because this was coming from someone who was really bright and intelligent :o) He could really be cute sometimes!!

Don't our bikes look cool??

Told you it was Mak's day for photos :o)

A pretty Chinese temple along the way to Desaru from Sg. Rengit

After the rain subsided, we set off for Desaru which was about 20 km away. The road became really flat and nice to ride but there was a storm coming up soon and we had to ride against the wind! After awhile, it started to rain again but we continued riding as there wasn't any shelter for us. Poor Mak!! The road we were on started to have gradual hills and it was pretty deserted! There wasn't many cars passing by! After awhile, I asked Mak how far have we done and he said more than 20km already but still no sign of Desaru!!

It was also getting dark quickly and I got a bit worried. Ok, for once, I was!! I remembered going this way before but it didn't seemed that long!! We decided to stop and wait for a motorcyclist to ask for directions. Luckily for us, there was one passing by shortly and he did stop when we flagged him down :o) When we asked how far more was Desaru, his reply was " Oh...just another 2km to the roundabout!" Hooray!! That got our confidence up and soon, we were cycling into Desaru but only to find out that there were no cheap hotels around!! We finally had to settle for the cheapest hotel which was the Damai resort. By then, we were cold, wet, tired and hungry!!! All we wanted to do was to get out of our wet clothes and have a hot shower and some warm food then we will be ourselves again!!

to be continued.......

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