Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 29 : K.Besut - Cherang Ruku - Bachok - Perupok - Kota Bharu

Date : March 31st, 2009
Distance travelled : 69 km
Time taken : 3.30 hours

Yay! Today we will be reaching our 4th corner of Malaysia!!

We woke up and cycled out for breakfast where we tried local dishes. The rice with fish was pretty delicious :o)

We went back to the resort (of course, it was nothing like the one we stayed in Merang!) and had a look around the beach. It was pretty nice as it was shady with lots of coconut trees around. Ideal for camping and hammocks! We sat by the bench under the shady trees, just taking time to enjoy the quiet moment :o)

Nice and shady :o)

Hey Mak, what's so interesting up there??

We finally left the resort about 11am and targeted Tok Bali as our next rest stop. It was a place for big fishing boats to dock and deliver their goods. Along the way, we did see a lot of tobacco plantation as well. According to my cycling encyclopedia, these tobacco leaves were mainly produced for the local market. We could see tobacco leaves being dried by the shade as well. Why? Because this would help keep the tobacco smell in the said my "Makipidea" :o)

One of the many tobacco plantation along the way...

Tobacco leaves being dried in the shade...

Lovely scene on our way out to Tok Bali

So idyllic with a half sunk sampan!!

Tok Bali...a long way more to Kota Bharu!!

Told you he could pose!! hehehe

"So, how much money you want to borrow?" asked "Ah Long Mak" with his new shell necklace and his tucked-in stomach! :o)

We stopped by a pretty modern looking cafe in Tok Bali and had our lunch. Since the weather was really, really scorching, we decided to only start our journey about 3pm. While waiting, we played cards (Cho Tai Ti meaning the Big 2) and I won most of the time :o) Yes! there was something that I was better than my Makipidea!! hehehe...(If only you knew how smart our friend really is!!)

I have a friend in Kota Bharu who owned a bike shop. His name is Razani...the famous triathlete! He has won so many races that I lost count of the number of medals and trophies he had on his shop when we were there!! When we finally got into Kota Bharu, he gave us directions on how to get to his shop, which was on the way to the airport.

It was nice seeing him again and he gave us suggestions on where to stay and places to eat. Before saying goodbye to him, he gave us 4 Powerbars for our journey. Such a good timing as we were down to one more bar!! Thanks Razani!!

We cycled to the place where he suggested and managed to find a decent hotel to put up for the night. After settling down, I suggested to Mak that we should stay another night in Kota Bharu and go sightseeing the next day instead of rushing off to Jeli. Since we have already come all the way here, it would be great just to spend some time exploring this town and go sight seeing. He agreed wholeheartedly and that was that :o)

For dinner, we went to a restaurant selling homemade Yong Tow Foo and curry fish head nearby and celebrated our success in reaching our 4th corner!! It was such a good feeling, having fulfilled our goal of completing the 4 corners of Malaysia!! But now, we have to work our way back to Langkawi hehehe....

Tomorrow....time to play tourist!!

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